Stop Reading! Start Information Flipping

Why a new way to read could transform your life

So I recently watched these two videos: How To Become A Millionaire, Step-By-Step and Information Constipation (why I gave away 90% of my books) – Summaries below

One part in particular of the first video got me thinking.

The guy presenting said on average a CEO reads 56 books a year – a little over one a week…

But that if you want to be a millionaire you have to increase your Personal Growth Speed and read 100 books a year – that’s just under 2 a week..

Now, that to me is doable but its a hell of a lot of information to remember…


Instead of just reading loads of books, focus on flipping books


We only have space for a certain amount of information.

Therefore, the best way to read is to read highly relevant books that you can put into practice as quickly as possible.

You can then almost forget the information.

This is the theory behind information flipping…


I need to improve the Search Engine Optimisation of my website.

Therefore I’m going to read a book on beginners SEO practices, implementing the changes as I go.

Simple, really but in this way we can become much more effective.

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