My Evening Routine

Boost your productivity for the next day by having an evening routine… Here’s what I do:

My evening routine usually takes about 30-60 mins and I try to always do it before bed.

1. Review goals for todaymagnifying-glass-162887_1280

By always asking what could I have done better? You will get in the habit of critically assessing yourself and striving to do everything fast, better and more effectively.

I also take a moment to look at my weekly, monthly and yearly goals to keep them fresh in my mind.

2. Set goals for tomorrow

Before you fall into the trap of I can’t be bothered today, which for me usually occurs about two minutes after waking up, you should get goals and a plan of action for tomorrow and working on sticking to it no matter what you feel like.

I like to write this down as I feel like I’m held more accountable for my actions.

3. Prep anything I need for tomorrow

This is usually food i.e. sandwiches to take to work…

If you like to juice, now would be the time to wizz up some ingredients and chill them for tomorrow.12396319115_7066bd5b7b_o

4. Go to bed

The final and most important part is to actually go to bed!

I usually aim for about 6 or 7.5 hours sleep. Read sleep cycles if you want to know why these times.

5. Breathe

The last thing I do to get me into the relaxed state ready for sleep is to use a meditative breathing exercise such as breathe in and count to 4, hold for 4, out for 6.


So that’s it for my evening ritual. This helps me be super productive the following day and get lots done.

What do you do in the evening?

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8 Replies to “My Evening Routine”

  1. Gregordy

    Nice post! I like short post like the one you made here.
    Just one thing, point #3 where you write “Read more here” I was expecting that if I clicked on “here” I would of being directed to a new web page.
    Is this me or a link was supposed to be here?

    Overall, your site looks nice and I really like the subject and the way you’re writing!

    • Greg Post author

      Ah yes sorry about that, I am yet to right that post. I left it in as a little reminder to get it done.

      Thanks for your kind words and feedback,.


  2. Steve

    Great, easy to action tips! It’s very easy to be ‘not bothered’ as you say… I think it’s quite an ancient human trait, you know, to avoid anything that is ‘uncomfortable’… like writing that new post!

  3. Zoe

    Nice site you have here… looks like we have a similar interest going on!! 🙂
    Great post here – I think it’s important to have certain routines to keep you disciplined!! Good luck on your journey!! 🙂

  4. Jolie

    I’m very much a ‘routine’ kind of person. If I don’t follow one, I find that any productivity and forward progress goes down the drain. I’m more of a morning person (try to get the important things done first thing), cos I find that at night time I’m more inclined to just want to go straight to bed! But, I will try these – it does seem really valuable to review what has happened during the day and plan the next. Seems simple enough too! Thanks for the tips.


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