June Goal Report Part 1

This is part 1 of my June goal report… The half way mark for the year what have I achieved?

This will post will be split into two parts as it is the half way point through the year!

Part 1: Reflection

Part 2: Redefining Goals

I haven’t looked yet but I can tell there is going to be a difference between the start of the year and now… Some good, some bad, whichever way I will endeavor to learn from this.

Part 1: Reflection



  1. I will easily complete the Ultramind cleanse challenge by December 31st 2015

Update: No progression made. I may change this goal to learn to cook first then do diets.ultramind

2. I will easily reduce the amount of processed food I eat to one pre-cooked meal a week, and no chocolate during the week apart from one bar on Fridays until December 31st 2015

Update: Mostly Successful. I have reduced pre-cooked meals to almost zero, its only the odd occasion when I get a chinese for example when I’ll get premade stuff.

Chocolate has got no better as I still have the midday sugar cravings but working on finding ways around that.



3. I will easily go to the gym at least 2 times a week until December 31st 2015

Update: Not complete success due to illness and other factors. However I am now based in one place for a while so should be able to do this with ease.

4. I will easily run at the weekends at least once so I can complete a 5/10km run for charity by December 31st 2015

Update: Success


5. I will easily create a new collection for personalevolution.org every month by December 31st 2015

Update: I have a few collections that I am working on so I should be able to bring them online soon.

6. I will easily generate £500/month income from online activities by December 31st 2015

Update: This month’s revenue: £30.

This is where I’ve changed my mind the most. The revenue comes from my first two sign ups to Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve been exploring other online sources such as search engine evaluators and User testing sites to earn money on the side of my uni degree. I will do a post about them soon.

7. I will easily publish two kindle books using the KindleMoneyMatery training by December 31st2015

Update: It takes a lot of time for this, more than I gave it credit for. This is due to the fact I want to write the books myself so I just haven’t been able to sink the number of hours required into this.


8. I will easily achieve a 2 1 or higher in my bachelors degree by July 31st 2015

Update: Progression made, achieved 1st Class for my dissertation

9. I will finish the code academy programming course for JavaScript by June 31st 2015

Update: I just don’t feel this is helping me that much right now and intend to work on other projects.

10. I will easily go somewhere every month that I’ve never been before by June 31st 2015

Update: I’ve done this with ease as Leeds is a new city to me.



11. I will easily go skiing at least once with my friends by December 31st 2015

Update: Success! Flaine was excellent.

12. I will easily go travelling with my girlfriend during the summer vacation in 2015

Update: Looking at Split for September but will see how work goes.

Higher Purpose/Habits

13. I will easily post inspirational, helpful content on my blog. I will aim to have 100 comments extra per month over the year so 1100 left to go by December 31st 2015.

Update: Again WA took a back seat this term and so I haven’t been driving people to my website as much as I should have.


Overall its been a decent first half of a year however I really need to nail this online income so that I have something to go and do which I like after university. The only problem is life keeps getting in the way.

In part 2 I intend to revisit each goal, add new ones and set in place better practices to make sure I stay on target.

More Info

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