How to turn passion into profits

In this post, I will explain different ways you can use your blog to create an income, or, “monetize” your blog.

I made a video to show a case study of this:

If you have been following me, you may already know my goal is to make £500 per month by the end of this year solely through my efforts online. But before I explain how I’m going to accomplish this, I want to mention something about money.

We all want to make more money. I understand that. At the same time it’s my perspective that focusing on making money isn’t necessarily the way to make money.

Instead, focus on something you’re passionate about and continue to develop your expertise in the subject, and the money will follow all on it’s own.

Your passion for the topic will express itself in the way you write as will you authority on the subject. It’s also much easier to spend the time and effort to create high-quality content about something your passionate about.

Without passion, it’s too easy to walk away from a project that requires dedication and work.

To be honest, I’ve spent close to 12 hours a day for the last 5 days diligently working on my web site, and I’m still happy to sit here typing and tweaking my site. It’s so much easier to do it when you enjoy doing something and you’re passionate about it..

Anyway back to the matter in hand…

How can you make money from your blog

1. Affiliate marketingAffiliate_marketing

I have written an in-depth introduction to affiliate marketing and how it works here.

But briefly, as you continue to develop content for your blog (about the topic you are passionate about), you review products and services that are pertinent to your content and endorse them.

The products and service you review should be things you have experience with and wholeheartedly endorse. The goal here is to provide honest value to your readers by giving them a well-researched review with your unique perspective. As people begin to see the value of the product or service you’ve reviewed and endorse, a percentage of them will purchase the product or service. The manufacturer or service provider simply provides you with a unique tracking ID that you embed in a link in your content, and viola… you receive a commission on the sale.

As I mentioned above, I only endorse products I have hands on experience with and wholeheartedly endorse. Two of my favorites that I currently use and highly recommend, are Wealthy Affiliate and KMM.

I’m currently in the process of making an e-book using KMM which leads me to the next point…

2. Create your own product

  • E-books

As I’ve mentioned, a well-written e-book is one product that that can provide a high level of value to your readers. Simply put, an e-book is the same as a conventional book, only in electronic form.

The beauty of an ebook is it costs you noting but time to create, and once it’s created, you receive 100% of the income generated by a sale.kdp-amazon

You are the author, and you can publish it yourself on web sites like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, as well as other web sites that sell e-books, Each time your book is sold you make money.

It’s an easy process an as the capacity to make money for you far into the future.

I’m in the process of creating my own e-book so watch the monthly goal report tab to see how it goes!

Other products

  • Courses and training

Another way to provide value to your readers, is creating courses or training.

I like Clickbank as they have a large selection of high-quality courses and training on a myriad of topics, most of which pay exceptional affiliate commissions.

Finding quality products about your topic at Clickbank that provide value to your readers is a simple process.

As I described above under affiliate marketing, you simply embed a link in your content that contains your unique tracking ID, and you will generate a commission each time a product is sold from your website.



  • Physical Products

A while back I came across a product called “Amazing Selling Machine”. It promised to teach you how to make unlimited money selling physical products on Amazon.

The course fee was $4,000, which at the time, was more than I as willing to pay.

However, it got me thinking.

If I created a physical product, I could sell it on Amazon and create an additional income stream.

It would be just like an e-book in many respects, the only downside, however, is I would have to find a place to store my product.

A little more research revealed that Amazon provides a Fulfillment service, where, for a price, it handles the logistics of storing and delivering your products, as well as customer service.

Screenshot 2015-01-07 11.17.34

Fulfillment by Amazon


3.  Adsense/ Advertisers


Another common method of generating income with your website is to allow people or companies, who have products or services appropriate for your readers, to advertise on your

Google Adwords is one of the most popular ways to monetize your website through advertising.

It creates an advertisement based on your content and places it on your site.

You receive somewhere between $0.10 to $20 per click depending on the products and your personal performance, but you should expect to receive the lower level click fees initially.


Contact advertisers with products or services relevant to your content yourself and ask if they would like to advertise on your website.

When your web site begins to pull in traffic, this can be a very lucrative way to create income with your web site.

4.  Email Marketing

Building an email list and send out regular, exclusive content to those who sign up.

It’s a great way of creating relationships with your readers and will increase your level of return customers.

I currently use AWeber, however there are other email services and aweber-autorespondersoftware such as MailChimp which I also hear good things about.

If I may, Id like to offer a word of caution here. It will be a temptation to sell your mailing lists, and a lot of people do… it can be a good source of income.

However, that conveys a poor show of trust.

I do not sell my email lists, and I highly recommend you don’t either.

More Info

If you would like to know or have a question more please email me at

Or drop a comment below any post and I will get back to you asap

Your friend,


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  2. john

    There are so many combinations of profitable ventures online, it’s hard to choose which route to take! I had never heard about Amazon Fulfillment so this post taught me something today. Thanks!

    • Greg Post author

      Yeah it was a revelation for me to. The thing is if you can find a product that loads of people are buying on Amazon, and then find a way to make it cheaper than existing competitors, you could make a business from using that. Greg

  3. Hilda

    Thanks for this informative post, Greg. I really hope you will achieve your goal. You are right, creating our own physical product maybe the best way to generate online income. Great job!

  4. Cameron

    Really useful article! Thank you for providing educational content for aspiring entrepreneurs! I’ve bookmarked the site and plan to return often! Keep it up!!!

  5. Ben

    That’s an informative checklist. Email marketing is something I’d not looked into much…until now. So I’ve started with that the simplest way I can for now.
    Good luck with your goals!

    • Greg Post author

      Tbh I’m only just starting to realise the benefits of email marketing so I will be writing a full review later in the year. Greg

  6. Doug


    This is a very informative site! Thanks for putting it together. I wasn’t aware of all the ways we could make money on the internet. I’ll have to try some of them out.

    Thanks again,

  7. Keane

    Hey Gregory!

    How’s it going? Nice looking website you’ve got here. Love what you’ve done with it. Seems I found more than a wealth of information on here. Therefore, I have to commend the efforts and work that you’ve put into this.

    The information you provided on here is beneficial and useful stuff. Would recommend your site to ANYONE (2 thumbs up from Keane)!

    Wishing you success in abundance!

    Best as always to you my friend,

    • Greg Post author

      Thank you Keane for your kind words. It’s going well although juggling life and work is becoming more tricky, ah well its all fun in the end. 🙂 Greg

  8. Rico Rocr

    A very thought provoking article. I wasn’t aware that Amazon provides fulfilment for hard products produced by individuals. Definitely somethiing to consider adding into the mix.

    Thanks Greg…


  9. Nate

    Hey – thanks for sharing. Totally agree that pursuing your passion is the way to go.

    Like you I can easily spend 12+ hours a day working on stuff that I’m enjoy. As opposed to struggling to get through an 8 hour day on something that you don’t enjoy. Makes all the difference in the sustainability and consistency of what your doing – which in the long run is going to be a big factor in determining your success.

  10. Mel

    That’s really good ideas, I forgot about Amazon’s fulfillment thing, that’s an amazing idea if you want to make physical products though.

  11. Laurie

    Hi Greg,
    This is a great site and a well written and informative article. I have the same interests as you and I was fascinated with your goals and ideas. How is the eBook coming? How did you figure out what to write about?
    This is awesome and you have done a very nice job with this site!

  12. Chris

    Great site and information. I think you are right too, being in the business of trying to make a living online needs your care and attention. If you are in it simply just to make money then problems will be in front of you.

    If on the other hand you are doing something online that you are passionate about and enjoy doing then success will follow in due course.

    Thanks for the post, very interesting!


  13. Joe

    Hi Greg,
    Great article I have been searching for similar articles to this for as long as I can remember and the methods you have outlined are definitely very effective so thank you for taking the time to create this. It saves a lot of time when searching.


  14. Janice Bowles

    I love your website Greg and you are so right about money not being the focus for the path to your goal – I have learnt this for myself. Enjoying what you do is vital too!

    You have some amazing tips here and I shall bookmark your site and be back!! You’re doing great and I love your authenticity… see you anon!

    Janice 🙂

  15. Sylvia

    Hi Greg! Great post.
    Creating e-book and courses sound difficult to me.
    But the fulfilment service of Amazon sounds really nice.
    Thanks for sharing!

  16. Robert

    You are so correct Greg about different ways to make money with a personal blog and/or website. I have been finding so many ways to make money with my website, it truly is the best investment a person can have by owning their own website. I am sure many will find this information you have shared here to be very helpful.


  17. Dave

    Thanks for the great information on eBooks. I’ve been putting together some information to write my own and this was very helpful. I like your neat site layout, too.

  18. Sarah

    Hey Greg,
    great post. I actually have the same goal this year. I have been working on my site for a while and love it. I never seem to lose inspiration. Sure I have a few bad days, but nothing that can stop me from sticking with it. It is true, passion drives us and the reason you would start your own business is to not have to do the things you don’t like doing. So choosing something you are passionate about is key. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Ship

    Greg what great info. I am part of Wealthy Affiliate and was the same worked diligently on my site day in and day out. I had my site up and running in 2 days and it was free and these are great ideas to monetize your site. Great Info.

    • Greg Post author

      Thanks Ship. Wealthy affiliate is a great community. I really hope anyone out there being scammed can find their way to it and save themselves some pain. Greg

  20. Lis

    Hi Greg, that is fanatastic information. I never thought about writing my own email books to turn into profit. I will look into that.

    You have a lot of interesting and creative ideas.

    Thank you

  21. Elasa

    You have a ton of useful information on your website. You are definitely correct in saying everyone should do something they are passionate about. It definitely shows in a website if someone is not passionate about their chosen topic. I can tell that you are. I could probably spend hours exploring all the useful content on your website. When you put passion and helping people first, and making money second, it is much easier to achieve success. I also love the entire layout of the site. Keep up the good work!

    • Greg Post author

      Thank you for the kind words, I do hope there is something for everyone on here, as I want to help as many people as possible achieve their dreams. Greg

  22. Margot

    Greg, you have some great advice here. I’m getting ready to read up on some of the links you’ve added. You are so right about making sure you follow your passion an monetize from that. I couldn’t agree more. Thanks for your insight!


  23. Jolie

    Hey Greg, great write up – I like how you’ve pointed out a few different options for making money online.. I’ll be watching along to see how you go with achieving your goals – best of luck!

    • Greg Hannam

      Thanks Jolie. Making money online is a hazardous occupation so hopefully by showing the alternatives people can make informed decisions. Greg

  24. Matthew Johnson

    I’m stating to have open eyes about how to monetize on the internet. It’s quite amazing! I’ll be trying Goggle Adsense soon, though I will be adding affiliate links to my site as well. Thank you for the options and insight!

    • Greg Hannam

      Glad I could help matt. It’s hard to know what to do to turn something that you love to do into something that can be a viable job. Wishing you the best of success! Greg

  25. Thomas

    Nice work adding the video! There is some killer information here. I thought I knew it all about making money online, but this had some new stuff.

    Good work!

    • Greg Hannam

      Glad I could help you learn a bit more about the online world Thomas. I’ll keep posting relevant stuff so come back! Greg

  26. Glen

    I feel inspired every time I see a young person like you, who is passionate in what he is doing regardless of the rewards that follows. Im already at 30s but I know its not yet too late to pursue my passion for myself and my family. Cheers.

    • Greg Hannam

      I hope you do follow your passion. I enjoy this immensely, but do have to carve out time to get it done. As a side project it works, and I hope to one day create a job for me and other people out of it. Greg


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