3 Easy things you need to do to be happy forever

Here are my 3 keys to happiness. I hope this will inspire you to take action and become fully happy with life.

Admittedly I can’t be the first to have thought of the 3 P’s of life and you may find this elsewhere, but here is my take on how to be happy in life:


  1. Purpose

So I came across the quote the other day: “No wind blows in favor of a ship without direction.”  Dr. Selye (1907-1982). In my opinion this hits the proverbial nail on the head because it explains why people (the ship) without a purpose (the direction) will never find favourable conditions (happiness) to sail (through life).

How do I work out my purpose? This is a tricky question and I have addressed the issue here. For now I would say: If money wasn’t an object would you still do what you are doing? If not what would you be doing? This question will help you to discover what you are really passionate for. Don’t be lazy and just say nothing. Also try and say something that contributes to society in some way i.e. I would be a writer of self-help books.

  1. Progress

If you have a purpose you jump out of bed, if you have progress each day you jump a little higher, a little further and a little earlier… This will fuel and upwards spiral of good emotions making you unstoppable throughout the day.

  1. Presence

Presence is the third key to happiness. The romans knew this; “Carpe Diem”, which means seize the day or moment, so why have we forgotten it? Although your purpose will have you focus on your future remember the present is the only time that we have. So stay present to the moment and take small steps forward (progress) and then you will have all three P’s tie together and you will feel full of life or “plein de vie” as the French say.

In conclusion

To sum up I like to think of trying to light a fire; progress is the fuel so small twigs and kindling all piled up, little by little as you collect them; presence is the spark, it is an instant where neither future nor past matter, it is special as from the spark there could be a fire (optimistic view) or the kindling could fail to light (pessimistic view), however in that moment the spark is all that matters.

Finally the purpose is the fire and is the reason why you are here. It is your passion and the more progress you make towards it (i.e. adding fuel) the brighter and hotter the fire burns.

Hope that metaphor made sense.

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4 Replies to “3 Easy things you need to do to be happy forever”

  1. Kristy

    Interesting observation… when I was working as a budget analyst I would sleep until the very last minute (and often five minutes beyond), but on the weekends I would spring out of bed, ready to drive two hours across town to volunteer at a wolf sanctuary. I am not a morning person, but I’d be up earlier on the weekends than when I had to be at work during the week and it felt good. So there is something to that – do what you love if you can.

  2. laura

    I think I would replace progress with perseverance. I mean, progress is smth that comes itself if we decide to continue what we’ve started. So, we need a purpose. We bring the sparkle, keep on doing it and do it for real, meaning being present only there. Have I understood it right? 🙂

  3. Joanne

    I absolutely agree with:

    Purpose – for me this is the most important. … and that it be a reason beyond myself; to make this world a little better, or to help others.

    Presence – very big for me as well. When you get right down to it – that’s the only thing we have – the present! Appreciate even the little things – it makes a huge difference.

    Progress – not so concerned with, although it’s nice to have. For me, it’s not so much about the result but the effort.

    … nice article – Thanks!

    • Greg Hannam

      I think progress is the most important because if you aren’t moving forward you are dead. Adapt and survive. Greg


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