Goal Report – March 2015

For the new year I made the following resolutions. Here are my updates:

Brief Overview

Once again I was incredible busy in March doing work for university. I also began looking into new ways of communicating with you through Personal Evolution, which slowed down my posting of new content to a snails pace.



  1. I will easily complete the Ultramind cleanse challenge by December 31st 2015

Update: No progression made

Reasons: Had to focus my efforts on university work as my dissertation was calling. Feel like this may have to wait til I have time off in April/ summer.

2. I will easily reduce the amount of processed food I eat to one pre-cooked meal a week, and no chocolate during the week apart from one bar on Fridays until December 31st 2015

Update: Failure

Reason: Skiing is very tiresome so I had chocolate bars to keep my energy up during the day.


3. I will easily go to the gym at least 2 times a week until December 31st 2015

Update: Success. Apart from my week on the slopes I managed to do this.

4. I will easily run at the weekends at least once so I can complete a 5/10km run for charity by December 31st 2015

Update: Success


5. I will easily create a new collection for personalevolution.org every month by December 31st 2015

Update: I’ve been looking at other methods of communication for this website so that has slowed content creation greatly. I think I need to revisit my purpose and aims for personal evolution.

6. I will easily generate £500/month income from online activities by December 31st 2015

Update: This month’s revenue: £0

Reasons: I fell off with keeping my website updated this month… It happens, will be looking to make that change for April.

7. I will easily publish two kindle books using the KindleMoneyMatery training by December 31st2015

Update: Haven’t looked at this as I have been focussing on making videos

8. I will easily achieve a 2 1 or higher in my bachelors degree by July 31st 2015

Update: Progression made, achieved 2.1s in February coursework

Reasons: It went reasonably well achieving around 60% in most coursework…

9. I will finish the code academy programming course for JavaScript by June 31st 2015

Update: 71%

Reasons: I have caught up and pushed on a little further, will endeavor to finish this by April 30th.

10. I will easily go somewhere every month that I’ve never been before by June 31st 2015

Update: I went to Blubberhouses this month to walk around the reservoir. It was cold but good.


11. I will easily go skiing at least once with my friends by December 31st 2015

Update: Success! Flaine was excellent.

One of The Piste Basher Used in Flaine

One of The Piste Basher Used in Flaine

12. I will easily go travelling with my girlfriend during the summer vacation in 2015

Update: Looking but really no progression made

Higher Purpose/Habits

13. I will easily post inspirational, helpful content on my blog. I will aim to have 100 comments extra per month over the year so 1100 left to go by December 31st 2015.

Update: Only 20 more comments this month.

Reasons: I was no where near as active on Wealthy Affiliate as I should have been again…

More Info

If you would like to know or have a question more please email me at personalevolution@outlook.com

Or drop a comment below any post and I will get back to you asap

Your friend,


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