Goal Report – January 2015

For the new year I made the following resolutions. Here are my updates:



  1. I will easily complete the Ultramind cleanse challenge by December 31st 2015

Update: No progression made

Reasons: Had to focus my efforts on university work as my dissertation was calling. Feel set to do this February however.

2. I will easily reduce the amount of processed food I eat to one pre-cooked meal a week, and no chocolate during the week apart from one bar on Fridays until December 31st 2015

Update: Easy really

Reasons: I was focusing on being healthy to help my work so cutting down was fine. Although after long hours staring at a computer a chocolate bar was appealing.

mmm chocolate

mmm chocolate


3. I will easily go to the gym at least 2 times a week until December 31st 2015

Update: So far so good, twice a week as planned

Reasons: Even though my university work beckoned I made time. I always feel more productive after exercise anyway so this was easy this month.

4. I will easily run at the weekends at least once so I can complete a 5/10km run for charity by December 31st 2015

Update: Failed…

Reasons: I just didn’t keep this one this month as I was really busy with work and social stuff.


5. I will easily have 100 posts on my website personalevolution.org by December 31st 2015

Update: Failed. Goal Changed

Reasons: Had to focus my efforts on university work so fell off the website posting. Also I have decided that quality is always better than quantity.

5. I will easily create a new collection for personalevolution.org every month by December 31st 2015

Update: Check out my new website (still in the making) will link it from here soon: insidewealthyaffiliate.siterubix.com

6. I will easily generate £500/month income from online activities by December 31st 2015

Update: This month’s revenue: £0

Reasons: Again due to university work, my social and organic visitors fell.

7. I will easily publish two kindle books using the KindleMoneyMatery training by December 31st2015

Update: Got through 3/21 lessons on KMM. In the process of writing the first book now.

Reasons: I made time for this, so look set to make the deadline by 2016.


8. I will easily achieve a 2 1 or higher in my bachelors degree by July 31st 2015

Update: Progression made, achieved 2.1s in January coursework

Reasons: I focussed my efforts on university work.

9. I will finish the code academy programming course for JavaScript by June 31st 2015

Update: 69% done

Reasons: I found it relaxing after a long day to do this so it just happened. I have done programming before though and the languages are similar so that helps.

10. I will easily go somewhere I’ve never been before by June 31st 2015

Update: I went to York.

Reasons: Decided to celebrate finishing January with a trip for my girlfriend. It was really fun, a beautiful city 🙂


York is very pretty


11. I will easily go skiing at least once with my friends by December 31st 2015

Update: Holiday booked, Skis sharpened, ready to go for March

12. I will easily go travelling with my girlfriend during the summer vacation in 2015

Update: Looking but really no progression made

Reasons: My girlfriend is also at university and she had exams, didn’t want to distract her from the matter at hand.

Higher Purpose/Habits

13. I will easily post inspirational, helpful content on my blog to help people achieve their dreams by December 31st 2015

Update: Goal Changed

Reasons: Needed to put a number on this. Decided to go for comments as a measure of how engaging and relevant my posts are. Currently on 300 comments, will aim to push this by 100 each month.

13. I will easily post inspirational, helpful content on my blog. I will aim to have 100 comments extra per month over the year so 1100 left to go by December 31st 2015.

More Info

If you would like to know or have a question more please email me at greghannam@personalevolution.org

Or drop a comment below any post and I will get back to you asap

Your friend,


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6 Replies to “Goal Report – January 2015”

  1. Howie

    Great breakdown of your monthly goals. Even with some that may have not been hit or changed, it’s a great reminder to set them. I am curious to hear how your Ultramind cleanse goes. Sounds interesting! All the best!

    • Greg Hannam

      Cheers for the feedback. Its hard to keep track of goals and stuff so this is almost my journal. I will be doing a review of it soon. Greg

  2. Marant

    Hi Gregory,
    Looks like you have found a great way to keep up with your life goals! Very interesting to learn there is a way to make money from Kindle! Be careful on those ski slopes!


    • Greg Hannam

      Kindle is a great source of wealth, and as you may have realised I am in the process of tapping into it at the moment. Greg

  3. Harry

    Hey there Greg! Nice going mate! I could never stick to any resolutions for some reason! I get into something and fire away only to get side tracked by something more interesting… I love keeping a – let’s call it a personal goal’ book and I try to write in it daily! That helps to keep me focused on all areas of my life and the goals I want to achieve. Great read!

    • Greg Hannam

      Cheers, I’m hoping by making this deceleration it will make me take responsibility and get my goals done this year! Greg


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