Goal Report – February 2015

For the new year I made the following resolutions. Here are my updates:



  1. I will easily complete the Ultramind cleanse challenge by December 31st 2015

Update: No progression made

Reasons: Had to focus my efforts on university work as my dissertation was calling. Feel like this may have to wait til I have time off in April/ summer.

2. I will easily reduce the amount of processed food I eat to one pre-cooked meal a week, and no chocolate during the week apart from one bar on Fridays until December 31st 2015

Update: Success

Reason: This was a lot harder this month as I’ve been working later, however manged to keep it.


3. I will easily go to the gym at least 2 times a week until December 31st 2015

Update: Missed one week due to work but all good apart from that

4. I will easily run at the weekends at least once so I can complete a 5/10km run for charity by December 31st 2015

Update: Success!

Reasons: I managed to keep on top of it much better this month and have got my motivation back up! Running down the meanwood valley trail, is both good for you and pretty.



5. I will easily create a new collection for personalevolution.org every month by December 31st 2015

Update: I focused on writing my best pieces this month, which is why there are few and far between, however I believe it has been the best month in terms of value given.

6. I will easily generate £500/month income from online activities by December 31st 2015

Update: This month’s revenue: £15

Reasons: I had one conversion to WA.

7. I will easily publish two kindle books using the KindleMoneyMatery training by December 31st2015

Update: Haven’t looked at this as I have been focussing on making videos

8. I will easily achieve a 2 1 or higher in my bachelors degree by July 31st 2015

Update: Progression made, achieved 2.1s in February coursework

Reasons: It went reasonably well achieving around 60% in most coursework…

9. I will finish the code academy programming course for JavaScript by June 31st 2015

Update: 69% done still

Reasons: I have reached the point where my lack of progress during the last couple of months has affected my ability to code the harder exercises. Will keep at it though for the next month!

10. I will easily go somewhere every month that I’ve never been before by June 31st 2015

Update: I went to Blubberhouses this month to walk around the reservoir. It was cold but good.



11. I will easily go skiing at least once with my friends by December 31st 2015

Update: Going to Flaine in the French Alps, the snow is looking good too!


12. I will easily go travelling with my girlfriend during the summer vacation in 2015

Update: Looking but really no progression made

Reasons: Been exceptionally busy this month.. Again!!

Higher Purpose/Habits

13. I will easily post inspirational, helpful content on my blog. I will aim to have 100 comments extra per month over the year so 1100 left to go by December 31st 2015.

Update: Only 60 more comments this month.

Reasons: I was no where near as active on Wealthy Affiliate as I should have been.

More Info

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