9 Simple Steps to Greatly Improve Website Traffic

9 Simple steps to get huge traffic to your website

Traffic is the life-blood of the internet business. Therefore as an online marketer you must use all the resources at your disposal to drive people to your website.

Here’s the system I use for doing this, credit goes to the guys at WA for the steps:

If you have ideas and suggestions on improvements please post them below in the comments and I will append them to this post!

1. Create a page on your site

A page is an informative piece in which you show your expertise on the subject of your site.

These pages are usually not for user engagement more for information so keep it impartial and don’t put opinions in.

2. Share the page

Now get on the social media streams you have namely: Facebook, Twitter, G+, Pinterest, Dudepins etc. and share the content in an engaging way (see this training if you need to know more about how to do this)

3. Create a blog post on a keyword relating to the page you have just created

So if a page is informative and non-user engagement orientated then a post is opionated and supposed to create an emotional response from the reader to get them engaged with the site.

Find a keyword relating to the page.

How do you do this? Easy here’s 2 ways:

1. Search the keywords of the page on wikipedia and e-how to see similar ideas and write a post on them.

2. Go to theasurus.com and search for an alternative word to use and blog about that.

4. Create a Article bringing together both keywords from the page and the post.

Articles are highly informative and have to be of a high standard to be approved. The two article sites I use are EzineArticles.com and StreetArticles.com

5. Socially bookmark all your content: the page, the post and now the article

Beyond sharing the new post you should now bookmark all content using Digg.com and Reddit.com. There are other sites and you can find a lot here.


6. Get on a related forum and help people out with their questions. Add your article/post/page link in your signature to create backlinks.

The key here is get active on the forum and add links in your signature and profile.

7. Blog about the forum you have joined

Spread the word of the forum!

8. Research more related keywords and write a post/page/article on one of the keywords

Get about 10 so you have enough to write about.


9. With the other 9 keywords make a post/page/article with one

This finishes it all off nicely and you should be dominating the rankings with all this content pointing back to your site!

Bonus Step!

Create an e-book on the keywords and upload to amazon. Include backlinks!

If you want to read more on this see: Leveraging E-books

Or if you want to get help on creating e-books: Kindle Training Review

More Info

If you would like to know or have a question more please email me at greghannam@personalevolution.org

Or drop a comment below any post and I will get back to you asap

Your friend,


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29 Replies to “9 Simple Steps to Greatly Improve Website Traffic”

  1. emily

    hi Greg
    great suggestions on how to improve website traffic. Having the right keywords is definitively the key. Otherwise, as nice as your post is, no one will see it. So important to do some research before writing a post. and I have found that sharing your posts on social media to be so helpful. It really gets the word out there

    • Greg Post author

      Yeah social media seems to be the way forward. I recently came across an article that said most people spend 80% of their time on content producing and 20% on promoting. However it should be the other way round. Promote Promote Promote!

      • Emily

        I absolutely agree. Every post should be promoted to the max. I had never really thought about the different between a post and a page but you are right in your definitions. I also like the idea of joining a forum (I have joined several on Google +) where you can also share your posts and then blog back about the forum. That can lead to a great collaboration

        • Greg Post author

          I’ve had the whole promotion content trade off backwards. 80% of your efforts should be on promotion of your content not on creating it. Greg

  2. Steve

    Excellent advice on how to get traffic to one’s site. You need to actively action ALL of these steps to get traffic to a website!

  3. Esteban


    That was very nicely written and easily understandable.
    There are a few points I left out so far which I might try just now! Thanks for that!

    • Greg Post author

      Thanks Esteban. I hope that this simple 9 step strategy to improving your website traffic works for you like it has for me. Greg

  4. Jason Bradley

    Hey Greg, thanks for keeping it simple yet a powerful strategy. I think I will bookmark this ok.

  5. Vic

    Thanks for sharing this strategy. I have read various individual pieces, like write content using specific keywords, share it on social sights, write a article for street articles, etc, but I haven’t seen the road map or plan that you lay out here. This is very helpful to me and I will be employing this very plan in the next week. Thanks much!!!

    • Greg Post author

      I wish you the best of luck. It is 9 steps and will greatly improve your website traffic. I hope it works for you like it has for me. Greg

  6. Kayli

    I really like your site. I will definitely use your tips on creating more traffic as this is something I have been struggling with. Whats the deal with back links? From my understanding they’re bad news. I am probably missing something seeing as how I’m new to this. I would love to be educated on it! Thanks!

    • Greg Post author

      Back links are just links that point to your website. Very simply they should help drive traffic to your site.

      These are good news. However there are people who say you can pay them for back links and this is bad news as google will pick up on it and drop you from the search.


  7. Dave DIxon

    That is all great advice – it is all starting to slowly make sense in my overloaded brain!

    One thing I am unsure of, how do I bookmark all content on Digg?

    Maybe I am being thick, but I think I am missing something!


  8. Young

    Hey Greg, great article!
    I will definitely try to implement these steps and have already bookmarked your page to come back to! Improving website traffic is definitely a long process but your article has helped simplify it!

    • Greg Post author

      I hoped it would, it is hard and takes some effort but these 9 steps should set you up to increase your traffic! Plus if you do the extra step it works even better.

  9. Katerina Markakis

    Hello Greg!
    Great article and very helpful for people who are new into online marketing. Getting traffic to your website is not the easiest thing since it requires hard work. Your tips are great and everyone should follow them. Using the right keywords is by far the most important thing to bring traffic to your site. That is why everyone should do their research before start writing any posts. Thank you so much for sharing. This post will help a lot of people. Great work!

    • Greg Post author

      Yes Kat it’s all about getting the right niche and making use of different sources of traffic to drive people to your site.


  10. Shannon

    Awesome article, never thought to do an ebook. Thats such a great idea. So does one just promote their ebook on their site or how does that work?

    • Greg Post author

      You can give the e-book as a promotional tool, i.e. in return for their email address. Or you can sell it through Amazon!

      I have used something called Kindle Money Mastery which I found very helpful!


  11. Evaz

    Hi Greg, really love your content. I have never used all 9 ways of driving traffic to my website, so for me, it’s inspiring. The content is presented in a simple way which is great. The only thing I would change is the headline picture – you might want to make it little bit larger, so all the text is centered and no letters show just half way.
    Great post, Greg! Thank you.. Evaz

    • Greg Post author

      Thanks for the feedback Evaz, I will play around with it to get it to the perfect size.

      I hope you will use all 9 steps from now on!

      Cheers Greg


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