3 Tips to Make a Vision Board Work for You

My top tips to get your vision board working for you

If you followed my life planning tutorial you should have some good aims and life goals.

Now in order to help ourselves achieve our goals its a good practice to make a vision board.

This is a collage of pictures that inspire you, and align with your vision.

Here’s mine:


Top tips:

1. Get a Mix of Images

Like you see on my vision board, I have a mix of images from sports cars, to places to visit, to images for my ideal house.  As well as motivational messages.

2.  Put it somewhere you will see it everyday

I made this image using microsoft Publisher and then save it as a png/jpeg and used that to set my board as my desktop background.

Now if you like to be more old fashioned you can use a big board and cuttings from magazines etc. to create the board.

As long as it then hangs over your desk or somewhere you’ll look at it, it’ll work.

3. Don’t go for perfection just make it!

I kept on putting this off but I have seen a massive boost in productivity since looking at it each time I boot my computer I feel inspired!

That’s it!

Simple stuff really, and something I have found that can really help!

Good Luck!

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