Your first trip to the gym Part 1

Have you ever gone to the gym? If not here is the best advice I have for starting out

In the run up to university I was constantly reminded by many people that the next few years were the years when a person slips off in terms of health mainly due to a lack of money, excessive fast food consumption and drinking.

I was therefore determined that I would not fall prey to this trend and so at the start of the first term of my degree, I headed down to the gym, with no idea what I was going to do or how I was going to do it.

I could find little by advice online at that time, and so after going to the gym for over two years and trying various approaches here is my advice for going to the gym for the first time.

I am a strong believer in the 7 Ps – Piss poor planning precedes piss poor performance. Therefore I am here today to present to you your first gym session, broken down into three parts; before, during and after.

Progress is slow and incremental

Progress is slow and incremental

Before going to the gym: So you’ve taken the plunge and bought yourself a gym membership. Now what? There are a couple of things I would recommend you knowing before you head down there.

  1.       Music – sort out some good music to break the monotony of your workout. Scientifically music has been proven to increase athletes’ performance. You’ll want something that either gets you pumped or something with a heavy bass line. Click here to get some example music and here for motivational videos to help get you pumped.
  2.       The right gear – I am an advocate of the quick dry material as it keeps me cool whilst at the gym but most gyms will let you in in pretty much anything, unless it’s a big coat or something really silly. One piece of clothing is particularly important for exercise, and that is shoes. Most gyms will allow any trainers to pass, however it is vital to have a good pair if you are doing exercise especially running. They will help keep your joints from wearing out as the load on your knees from your body weight can have negative effects if the force isn’t distributed properly to the floor.
  3.       Access­­ – remember to pick up your access card or key on the way out the door. It’s likely that it will be given to you when you are at the front desk when it’s your first time.

Ok so you should be ready to go now but what will happen when you get there… find out in next weeks’ post. Alternatively click the link here to get it now.

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