Quarterly Report 2: A summary

In this post a take a look at my quarterly goals to see where I have done well and where I could do better!


  • Active Income
    1. First Class Master of Engineering Success
    2. Applications for Jobs In Progress
    3. Business Proposal Devolpement Not Started
  • Passive Income
    1. Blogging – Update Personal Evolution In Progress
    2. Blogging – Create a new course called Freetrepreneur In Progress
    3. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing- Publish First book In Progress
    4. Amazon Physical Product Arbitrage- Source product to sell Not Started
    5. Amazon Private Label – Source product to sell Not Started
    6. Shopify Store – Source product to sell Not Started
    7. Pokemon Go Oppotunity – Build social media following In Progress


  • Nutrition
    1. Learn to Cook – Different meals every two weeks In Progress
    2. Eat Better – Less sugars, green with every dinner In Progress
  • Fitness
    1. Develop Gym Workout Routine and Stick to it Not Started
    2. Calensthetics – Learn to do a handstand push up Not Started


  • Friends
    1. Local Friends- meet local friends once a week Success
    2. Expanding Circle – Join clubs and groups In Progress
  • Family

Higher Purpose

  • Meditate at least once a day Not Started
  • Contribute at least 5% of income Not Started earning
  • Goals – Reset goals for coming months Success

 So that’s it for another quarter… Comment below on your goals!


More Info

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