My Morning Routine

In the post I take you through my morning routine. I hope you can build one yourself following my examples

Why bother?

I will make a post on this soon, but in short it has been proven time and time again that people who have a morning ritual are much more likely to be productive during the day.

Morning Rituals - Personal Evolution

Do you want to feel like this every morning?

The richest people in the world all have morning rituals; Obama goes for a run every morning, Tim Ferris meditates and Tony Robbins visualizes, as part of their morning rituals, so they must be doing something right.


My Ritual

This is my current ritual – There is still lots of tweaking and changes that can be made, but this works well for me at the moment.

Wake Up

I have three stages of waking up:

1. Breathe

Laying in bed with my eyes still close I take 3 deep breathes, focusing on pushing my belly out to inhale, and then pulling it in to exhale. This type of breathing is used in meditation and helps to reduce your heart rate.

2.Put my feet on the floor

This trick I use to make sure there’s no going back to sleep. It is very tempting especially when it is cold in the morning to snuggle up in the duvet and watch the world go by. However you should have a sense of urgency that every second counts so lets get out of bed quickly.

3. Sit up and stretch

Morning Ritual - By Personal Evolution

I then like to sit up and stretch everything, starting from my face I tense all the muscles for 5 seconds and then relax them. Moving down to my neck I look side to side and down for 8 seconds each.

Putting my arms above my head I stretch out my fingers as well. To do my abs, I lean side to side with my arms still in the air. Legs and feet, I just tense my muscles and relax and stretch out my toes.

I usually feel pretty refreshed now so its time to get out of bed…

After this I will then be out of bed.

4. Breakfast

I am usually starving in the morning and can’t function well without breakfast, some people may want to skip this stage though.

I personally like my cereal, but nothing full of sugar. If you have sugary cereals in the morning your moods will fluctuate greatly, along with your concentration levels, which is not what you need when you’re working.

I have Weetabix or porridge during the weekdays which fills me up and provides me with good energy for the rest of the day.


If I have more time I like to have scrambled eggs and grilled bacon, but this is only really once a week at the most.

5. Exercise

I like to do some push ups at this point because having a raised heart rate will help to break down the sleepy chemical, melatonin – what the body creates to make you drowsee. Sunlight helps to break this down, so getting outside for a walk or run or down to the gym is essential.

If you have a gym membership and don’t know what to do with it check this out: your first trip to the gym.

6. Eat my Frog of the day

Yes, each morning I go out and catch a live frog to eat it…. Of course I’m lying!

The theory is that if you get your biggest, ugliest, slimiest task out of the way first, the rest of the day won’t seem so bad.

Mark Twain — ‘Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.’

Brian Tracy did a great book on this called Eat that Frog. I will review it soon!



So that’s it for my morning ritual.This helps me be super productive each day and get lots done.

What do you do in the morning?

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