Life Planning Part 2

Life planning and goal setting are a key part to becoming successful. In this post I show you the second part of my way of setting goals and how you can do the same

Welcome to Life Planning Part 2. This will be the second in a series of posts on goal setting, ambition and achieving your potential (or higher purpose as I think of it). There will be a lot of information to process which is why I have broken it up into Life Planning Part 1, 2 and 3. If you are yet to read Life Planning Part 1 I suggest you click the link and read it before this step.

In the first part I focused on your what, now we will focus on why.


How will I get to my vision?

In order to answer this question, take your vision from part 1 and ask:

why would I love to achieve my vision? 

Write down all the reasons you can think of for achieving the life of your dreams.

Top tip #1

If you’re struggling with what you love about your vision, imagine the alternatives if you were not living your dream, and write down all the things you hate about it, then make them the opposite.



I would love to go to the gym at least 4 times a week because it keeps my body healthy and strong.

planning p2 2

I do love to travel


I would love to travel a lot as learning new things and meeting new people is the most rewarding tasks.


I would love to have a family with a loving wife because this will support me in my work and give my the strength to carry on going.

I would love to have loyal knowledgeable friends because I know I will always have moments of doubt and will need someone to talk to

Higher purpose

I would love to do what I was born to do because it will no longer be hard work for me and I can enjoy life.

Top tip #2

Your why is what you will look at in times of doubt, so make it really detailed, make sure you get all the reasons why you can’t live without each goal above.

What, why…

So now we have your what (part 1) and now your why! Next up is how you’re going to do it! Check out Life planning part 3 for how!

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11 Replies to “Life Planning Part 2”

  1. Chris

    Sometimes braking things down into smaller portions makes things seem a lot more manageable. I like the approach here.

    Following simple steps can surely lead you to future success.


  2. Sarah

    I like how you’ve broken down the what, why and how and incorporating their individual purposes. I never thought about goal setting this way.

  3. Srijan Bhardwaj

    Hey Greg! Your site looks great. The post is a very easy to understand post! You have explained everything so well! Thanks for sharing!

    Wish you a happy new year! Best wishes.

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