Life Planning Part 1

Life planning and goal setting are a key part to becoming successful. In this post I show you my way of setting goals and how you can do the same

Welcome to Life Planning Part 1. This will be the first in a series of posts on goal setting, ambition and achieving your potential (or higher purpose as I think of it). There will be a lot of information to process which is why I have broken it up into Life Planning Part 1, 2 and 3. In this way I hope to give you time between each post to answer the questions I pose/ or take the actions I suggest.


As a side note I would suggest having a paper and pen out ready to write the first thing that pops into your head as you read the following posts. Doing this will give you a good guide for what your instincts say (and they are generally closer to your deeper desires). 

So without further ado:

What would you be doing if your life was perfect and why?

This question will lead you to what you want to do with your life and give you the motivation to do it.

However it is also a difficult question to answer and its taken me a while to figure it out for myself. I have also found that the answer keeps changing with time as I become more knowledgeable so don’t get too hung up about finding the perfect answer straight away, it will take time.

So how did I answer it?

I answered the question logically starting with the first part.

What would I be doing?

The Method

I sat down in a quiet room and imagined I was already living the perfect life- I am a visual learner so this worked well for me, others may find going for a walk, listening to an inspirational person or drawing a picture helps them.

I began to ask my ideal imaginary self questions about my life.

I started by with my health:

  • Am I healthy?
  • What do I eat?
  • Do I exercise?
life planning part 1 freedom

My idea of freedom 🙂

Then I went on to wealth, asking questions like:

  • How much money am I making? And where does the money come from? (If you need help with this see the wealth category on this site as it will give you ideas on streams of income)
  • Am I still learning new things?
  • Where do I travel for holidays and when?
  • Where do I live?

Then to relationships:

  • Who am I dating? Am I married?
  • Who are my friends? How often do I see them?
  • Am I close to my family?

Finally I asked questions about my higher purpose

  • Do I help others? 
  • Am I motivated?
  • Do I do what I love to do or is it just for money?

From these categorised questions I built up an image of my ideal life and in this way I hope you build yours too.

A few tips from a friend:

A friend commented below with these tips and I just had to add them in. He says to keep these things in mind:

– less is more
– keep it simple
– experiences and relationships are more valuable that possessions.

Now these aren’t straightforward things to incorporate, but just bear them in mind when creating your vision.

You now have a vision!

So you’ve got an idea of what your perfect life is like… now what?

Well the next step is working out why you want the things in your perfect life and then setting goals to achieve it but I shall explore this in the next posts: Life Planning Part 2 & 3.

More Info

If you would like to know or have a question more please email me at

Or drop a comment below any post and I will get back to you asap

Your friend,


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15 Replies to “Life Planning Part 1”

  1. Steve

    thanks for that article Greg. Like many, I’ve wrestled with this idea for years. And, you’re right, it does change over time. Partly because what you think is so important tends to shift about every tens years.
    It’s not an easy task to nail-down your dream life. So, I would encourage anyone reading this to have patience with themselves. I found that during my 20’s and 30’s, things I thought would make up my dream life, seem so trivial now (that I’m in my 40’s).
    I do find now that images of my dream life come easier. A few tips that might help someone else are:
    – less is more
    – keep it simple
    – experiences and relationships are more valuable that possessions.


    • Greg Post author

      Thank you for your help, I will append this onto the article itself, or even in the second/third part to help people out. I will direct people to look at your website for help on businesses too. Cheers Greg

  2. Hilda

    I would say that this is the perfect article to read when a new year is coming and we are already thinking of our personal resolutions for the near future. Finding our purpose on life and having a clear vision of what we want to accomplish are fundamental for achieving success in anything we do. Way to go!

    • Greg Post author

      Thankyou for your feedback, I hope to get parts 2 and 3 released before nye, but it will be a push 🙂 Greg

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  7. Shawn

    Hi Greg, This is an excellent site for someone who wants self help and needs guidance. I would like to see a page for training, maybe you could do short videos, or PPT modules.

    • Greg Post author

      Cheers Shawn. I have looked into videos and PPT just have yet to get round to it tbh. Will make an effort to do one soon though. Greg


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