June Goal Report Part 2

This is part 2 of my June goal report… The half way mark for the year what do I want to acheive in the second half of this year?

This will post will be split into two parts as it is the half way point through the year!

Part 1: Reflection

Part 2: Redefining Goals

Part 2: Redefining Goals



To kick things off lets go to nutrition

1. Learn to cook

I will easily cook at leat one new meal/recipe every other week until the 31st December 2015.

2. Eat better

I will easily only eat chocolate and other treats on friday or saturday until 31st December 2015.


3. Fitness

I will easily do some form of exercise (running, gym, calisthenics) everyday until 31st December 2015.


Wealth is the category where I look at knowledge  i.e. academia and money


4. Masters of Engineering

I will easily achieve a First class in all of my assignments until 31st December 2015.



5. Personal Evolution

I will easily update my blog at least once a fortnight and create high quality content until 31st December 2015.

6. Passive Income

I will easily achieve £500/mont from online activities by 31st December 2015.

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7. Dating

I will easily go somewhere new with my girlfriend by 31st December 2015.

8. Friends/Family

I will host a dinner at least once a month for friends until 31st December 2015


Higher Purpose

9. Books

I will easily read a wider range of both fiction and non-fiction books until 31st December 2015.

10. Meditation

I will easily meditate for at least 20 mins each day until 31st December 2015.



11. Typing speed

I will easily learn to touch type and improve my typing speed to 100 words per minute by 31st December 2015

12. Learn French

I will easily have completed all of the Duolingo French course by 31st December 2015


13. Diversify Personal Evolution

I will easily release a wider range of content on my blog so as to fulfill the 4 areas of life until 31st December 2015.

So that’s all my new goals… what have you been been doing/not been doing and want to change for the second half of this year? Comment below!



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4 Replies to “June Goal Report Part 2”

  1. rolandas


    I like your goals. I hope you really achieve them all. All of your goals are achievable if you put in the work 🙂

    As for my goals, I have only 2 goals this half year.

    1. I want to create a website that could help every person who visits my website. I want to motivate them and teach them at least a few things so they could succeed someday.
    2. I’m looking to push my residual income online to about 5000-10000$ a month.


  2. Sean

    Hi Greg,

    Thanks for sharing these goals. You know, it’s funny, just yesterday I decided I wanted to write a post about goal setting, and now this 🙂 Setting achievable goals is so important.

    It looks like you’ve got a lot of stuff you’re focusing on, in every area of your life, and these are some great objectives you’ve outlined above. Have you found that you achieve most of the goals that you set for yourself within the timeframe that you decide on?

    All the best,

    • Greg Post author

      I’m not going to lie, a lot of the goals have been ambitious. In times of high work load I have missed out a couple of them, but overall I have managed to keep the focus on achieving them. Hopefully I can keep that up all the way through the years.


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