How to get a university education for free…

Ever wondered how you could do a university course in a year without attending lectures, classes or ever writing anything down? Well here’s one solution…

Audiobooks have become increasingly popular with the rise of portable MP3 players. It is so easy to absorb knowledge by listening to a spoken book.

Why commuting to work is the best

Commuting is great because you have an amount of time to yourself to do what you like with, so why not try and improve you knowledge of your profession, hobbies or anything that interests you.

The world average commuting time is 40 minutes, one-way. x018QC15SB-o_002( That means on average you will spend 80 minutes per day, 400 minutes per week, 20,000 minutes or 333 hours a year commuting (50 weeks working Monday – Friday).

In the recent poll of 9,000 UK University students’ shows undergraduates still spend only 13 hours a week with teachers (Jessica Shepherd – Education correspondent – So that’s the rough equivalent of 312 hours per year (as universities have 6 months holiday time).

Therefore by having an educational audiobook in your car or on your iPod you could effectively do a degree in a year without paying the fees nor having to deviate from your usual routine.

What audiobooks do I recommend?

Well, I’m a firm believer that everyone should be improving themselves in all areas of life equally. I’m currently listen to/reading

 These books aren’t exactly a university education…images

You may have noticed that I promised a university education for free… well I wasn’t lying.
Stanford is in amongst other universities releasing videos of their popular courses on their youtube accounts (click here for Stanford’s’). What I recommend is using a youtube converter to change the video to a mp3 which you can then transfer to iTunes (by holding ctrl+O and then finding the correct folder and selecting the right file).

In this way you can have many university courses (and any other interesting videos or audiobooks *hint* that you may find) on your mp3 player for you to listen to at any time.

In summary

Audio learning is will become a cornerstone in building your success. Time that would have been wasted is now used to educate yourself and evolve into the best in your field for example.

More Info

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11 Replies to “How to get a university education for free…”

  1. Olesea

    I’m definitely on the same page as you… I’m used to listening to podcasts and audio trainings, but I’ve never considered audiobooks before.. NOW 🙂
    I’ll try it and see how it goes, because even though I looove reading the books myself, I’ve been having a hard time reading lately since I’m always on the go.

  2. Shell Summers

    Greg, You have a great concept here. I am always looking to gain more out of each day, and seeing how we all only have 24 hours, we have to double up on some of them. I’m interested in learning how this converts to actual diplomas that are universally recognized and what the cost savings through this approach might be.

  3. Lyra

    Very true. Audiobooks are a wonderful resource just for the sheer convenience of them. I often listen to them while cooking, cleaning, or just going for a walk as well. There are so many monotonous activities that we do during the day that we can utilize to learn. There are only so many hours in the day, use them wisely.

  4. candy

    Great read, I didn’t even know you could do some of this stuff!
    I have kids that will be going to college soon so keep the info coming.

  5. nieve

    Hi, Greg. Good recommendation for audiobooks. Yeah, I’m a fan of Tony Robbins too. It is a great idea to listening to audiobook using iPod. Learn more while you have free time. You could grow very fast by learning in this way. Thanks! 🙂

  6. Brad

    Great info, I now only have a 8 minute drive to work, but I used to sit on a train for an hour each way, staring out the window. What a waste of time, wish I had seen this back then!

    • Greg Post author

      Thanks for the compliment, I have just got out of a busy period in my life so will be pursuing the goal of posting once a week at least.

    • Greg Post author

      It is literally incredible how much time is wasted by commuters in just one day! Thanks for the feedback. Greg


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