How to create a website in under 30 secs

Websites are the heart of any online enterprise, so in this post I give you the method of creating a website in under 30 secs that I have used many times…

Why you need a website…

As I said in the intro, a website is the heart of any online business. Therefore finding the right tools to set up a website is crucial to any success you may have.

Why wordpress…

WordPress is by far and away the simplest website builder I have found, and many of the internet pages you will look at are powered by wordpress.

Building a website now (in under 30 seconds)

WordPress is very difficult to install on your own server. Using the method below it will take you less than 30 secs.

It is a three step process:

  1. Create your Starter Wealthy Affiliate account (FREE)
    • This gives you two free websites that will be hosted on wealthy affiliate
    • It also provides excellent training to help you maximise your websites’ potential
  2. Click on the build my website button
  3. Build your WordPress Website using the options given

If you need more help refer to this educational video below which will take you through the process more slowly.



That’s it! You now have a website.

As you have a Wealthy Affiliate Account now be sure to follow the training. If you are still not sure check out my review here.

More Info

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8 Replies to “How to create a website in under 30 secs”

  1. Loes

    Hello Greg, looks very trustfull, with example video’s about how to make a website in 30 sec. at Wealthy Affiliate, and so I have, and after that it’s just filling it with content, and because I choose something I really wanted to write about and to show to the world, it’s simply not work anymore, it’s pure enjoy, Loes (The Netherlands)

  2. Peter

    Hello Greg, even though I have built a website using the website builder at Weathy Affiliate, I still find that being able to build a website this fast is pretty incredible. The video from Wealthy Affiliate that you have included is really easy to follow. Thanks, Peter

    • Greg Post author

      Hey Rich,

      That’s exactly what I hoped for. I have always enjoyed the challenge of deconstructing things, extracting the core pieces of information then representing that in a simple to understand way. I will try and keep up the good work.


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