First Post: A little about me

Hi my name is Greg, the founder of Personal Evolution. Here’s a little about me, why I started, and what I hope to achieve, from this blog.


First of all I need to say that I am not an expert in any particular field, just a guy who has put time into finding out about and testing different self-development ideas and methods. I first became interested in self-improvement at the age of 16 and since then I have implemented different ideas and practices of varying success. Now currently in university, I feel I have a good basis of knowledge which I would like to share with the world.

What Do I Hope to Achieve?

The purpose of this blog is therefore to create a resource of easy to understand and repeatable processes, and a wealth of useful advice that I have found that have helped me improve my life for the better.  It is my hope that people will use this resource to take control of their life and live it how they want to.

This blog will be a collection of opinions on different subjects categorised into the following four main areas: health, wealth, relationships and higher purpose. I believe an understanding of these four areas is key to creating the life you want to live.

I have been influenced heavily by Tony Robbins and other people that I will reference (and provide links to) whenever using ideas or concepts that are not my own.

More Info

If you would like to know or have a question more please email me at

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