Example of Matched Betting #1 – Coral and Betfair

Here I will go through what you need to do for a coral/betfair matched bet

Coral offer a £20 free bet for new online customers. To qualify for that bet, you only need to deposit and bet £5.

Step 1 – Create Coral AND Betfair account

Click here to open an account with Coral

NOTE – Your Coral odds may be appearing in fractional format. You can change this to decimal format in your account settings.

Click here to open an account with Betfair (when you make this enter ZSK200 is a promo code for a later offer!)

Okay when you’ve done both of them make a deposit of £5 into Coral.

Step 2 – The qualifying bet

You’ll need to place a £5 bet with Coral in order to qualify for our free bet.

You’re going to place a £5 back bet with Coral, and then place a corresponding lay bet with Betfair.

First, use this site (OddsMonkey) to find something to bet on.

Select “Coral” from the “All Bookmakers” drop-down list and press search.

The odds for the back bet must be 1.5 or above. Choose anything with a rating of 95 or above. And remember we are laying on betfair…

Screenshot 2015-12-23 21.31.59

I will take the Derby vs Fulham bet and use this as the example.

So the oddsmatcher is telling me to bet for and against Derby to win.

The odds to back, is 1.53 on coral and to lay, is 1.51 on Betfair.

Step 3- Work out the bet

Once you’ve chosen what to bet on and checked that the odds are correct, use the calculator to work out what you should bet.

  1. Select “Normal” at the top.
  2. The bookmaker stake is £5.
  3. Enter the Coral back odds.
  4. Enter the Betfair lay odds.
  5. The lay commission is 5% (as it’s betfair)
  6. Press calculate.Screenshot 2015-12-23 22.15.09

The calculator will show you your stake and your liability.

The “liability” is the amount you need to deposit into Betfair.

The lay amount is what you’ll type into the stake box (where it says backers stake see pic).

Deposit the liability amount into betfair.

Step 4- Place the bets

Now you need to place your £5 Coral bet…

So in Coral find the game and check the odds are what is shown in the calculator. If not refresh the odds finder, or use this alternative one: mbassist

When you found the game in coral, go the the Betfair exchange (not sportsbook) and find the game. Again check the odds. Now your exchange lay bet needs to be placed.

Screenshot 2015-12-23 22.07.32

So like above it says Derby to win is 1.51 to back (blue) and to lay (red) its 1.52.

You want to click the red side and the in the box on the right put the lay amount from the calculator in the “backers stake” box.

The liability will be shown and should be the same as the calculator, this can be out by 1p sometimes…

Once you’re happy place the bet in coral and betfair!

Step 5 – The Free Bet

Coral will credit your £20 free bet immediately after placing your qualifying bet.

If they don’t, load up live chat and ask for it.

The bet will be credited as four separate £5 free bets.

We now repeat the same process again except we look for higher odds (4.0+) in order to extract as much cash as possible from the free bet.

You’ll realise that this requires a larger amount of money in your betfair exchange to cover the liability.

If you cannot afford it, look for lower odds however you can only expect to make less profit.

Now use the OddsMonkey tool to find a good bet for your free bet.

Use the calculator to work out your bets.

  • Select “Free Bet (SNR)” at the top.
  • The bookmaker stake is £20.
  • Enter the Coral back odds.
  • Enter the exchange lay odds.
  • Enter the exchange commission.
  • Press enter on your keyboard.

Coral should have credited your £20 free bet as four separate £5 bets.

Therefore you will need to place four £5 bets with Coral, all on the same thing, selecting your free bet each time.

Once you’ve placed the full £20, you can then place your exchange lay bet.

Make sure to enter the correct amounts as shown in the calculator!

Once these bets are placed and confirmed, you simply wait for the matches to play out.


Now you can withdraw your money!

If it wins on coral the money will be there, otherwise look at betfair.


Moving Forward

Have a look around and see if you can find more offers!

I will be writing a couple more examples of this soon for different bets etc.

If you like this I would strongly suggest joining Profit Accumulator.

I have and haven’t regretted it; already making back the investment of £150 for the year and it’s only been 10 days.

They claim you can make up to £2ooo a month so we will see!

More Info

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