How to Goals

This collection is all about goal setting and how to achieve your goals and is based around 4 words:

Envisioning, Setting, Small Chunking, Achieving

Why should you plan and set goals?

“A man without a purpose is like a ship without a rudder—never likely to reach home port. To us comes the signal: Chart your course, set your sail, position your rudder, and proceed.” ― Thomas S. Monson


Like Mr Monson said, it is important to have a direction. For us that means setting goals and achieving them.

Here is the best advice on how to set goals and achieve them.

Envision – What do you want and why do you want to have it?

Life Planning Part 1 – Don’t have a vision of what your life would be like? Well here are some tips to help get one

Life Planning Part 2 – You need to know why you want what you want, otherwise success is impossible.

Setting – Goal setting the right way

Life Planning Part 3 – Setting goals and what you can do to maximize the chance of you achieving them.

The Small Chunking Technique – Break down goals to make success come naturally

CANI, Kaizen and the 1% rule – The most powerful method to achieve any goals you have.

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15 Replies to “How to Goals”

  1. Chris

    Excellent website and information. Anyone looking for inspiration and and motivation towards setting and achieving goals this is the place to come.

    Thanks for this fantastic site.


  2. tony

    If you can think or dream it you can achieve it. Your personal evolution site is full or good information need by your customers. Continue to post outstanding material related to improving someone else life and in return you will be improving your own. Keep posting great content, awesome site!

    • Greg

      Cheers, I hope by teaching people to take their goals and break them down into bitesized chinks, it will make it easier for them to achieve what they are dreaming. Greg

  3. Jolie

    Hi Greg, I have always set goals for myself and find that I need to have these in order to feel some kind of fulfillment and that I’m doing something worthwhile.

    One problem that I do run into though is that I always tend to change my mind too much, or want to do too many different things that I can’t focus on one thing and master that! So I think another tip might be that you shouldn’t set too many goals within the one timeframe, or you can easily get discouraged at lack of progress.

  4. Dave

    I need to “small chunk” my goals. Typically my goal setting ends up with goals that are really pie in the sky and unrealistically attainable. Thanks for the reminder to break these down.

    • Greg

      Yes using the 1% rule definitely will help you to achieve those bigger goals. Small chunking it will make them seem easier to get. Greg

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