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Today I want to introduce a new series that I’m doing it’s going to be my daily vlog…

Hey guys it’s, Greg here from personalevolution.org.

Today I want to introduce a new series that I’m doing it’s going to be my daily vlog I’m going to be bringing one out every day and yeah just kind of rift in on stuff that I’ve learned in the day or like top tips anything that I’ve come across that I think will help you yeah and hopefully you’ll get some useful stuff from this.


So yeah this first vlog is going to make a little bit about me; who I am, what I’ve done up to this point, how it led me to create this blog and so yeah I hope you find it useful so let’s get right to it.

So a little bit about me: I’m in early 20s I’ve just come off the back of the prescribed trail of going school got good grades went to uni did engineering got my masters and then landed a graduate job in consultancy so I’d say a pretty average route so far where I differ from most people is I started this blog personalevolution.org about four years ago I think and I haven’t really worked on it I was probably more like five years ago now I didn’t really work on it much I did a lot back in the beginning but my kind of passion for it faded as I got caught up in the Uni lifestyle and kind of getting good grades all that jazz.

For me personal development has always been a big part of my life ever since I was probably 16 where I first discovered the game which if you don’t know it’s just basically attracting women and obviously it is any sixteen-year-old boy will tell you that’s pretty much all you think about so yeah from there I started my personal development journey and that got them to kind of reading about different things different paths to what you can do given me ideas of what how I’d like to create my life and from there hasn’t really stopped to now.

I’d say I’ve got a stable job however I’m educating myself in real estate how to build a business online and offline I’m just about to start up my own tech company so that’s looking promising.

What I’m hoping that what this vlog will show you is that I’m just a normal guy and I’ll hopefully explain to you as I go along what I’m doing what I’m thinking and hopefully you’ll see my personal evolution into a wealthy individual which is what my end goal is not just monetarily wise but you know culturally physically all that stuff so yeah if you like where this is going and please subscribe I’ll try and be bringing these out at least five times a week I’d say yeah there might not be the most focus things in the world and sometimes it might be better than others but hopefully it can give you an idea of what I’m doing what I’m doing wrong.

So last thing is so invite you to join this journey with me and let’s see where it goes.

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